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Our professionals at Healthworths aims to provide you the best services of laser hair removal in Sydney with a less painful experience in a very comfortable environment.

Now there is no need to use painful methods like waxing or threading. It is a very effective technique of hair removal and also full body laser hair removal on almost every part of the body including chest area, legs, back, bikini line, neck, face, and shoulders.

Laser hair removal is a permanent solution for your unwanted hair facial or body hair.

laser hair removal

How It Works

Our intense pulse light (IPL) offers the client a great experience. Unwanted hairs are destroyed when follicles absorb light.

Laser hair removal works on the dark, coarse and thick hairs. We are equipped with multiple types of lasers to treat different types of skins and complexions. During the session, the client may feel laser pulse like a rubber band snap and mild heat can also be experienced. 

The laser has an attraction for pigments or colors in hair follicles. Different types of hair are present in different areas of our body. Wavelengths of IPL can be customized for different types of hair. Thick hair offers very less resistant, so it takes less time to remove thick hairs.

Smaller areas like lips usually take some seconds while larger areas like back or legs take longer   hours. Laser hair removal does not work well on white, gray or red or blond because the laser works effectively on darker hair.

How Long It Takes

Results can be observed after the first treatment. For 1-3 weeks, treated hair starts falling. You will see that very few hairs return after therapy. Six to eight treatments are required for full hair removal.

Multiple sessions are required for permanent hair removal. We offer cheapest hair removal packages in Sydney for the clients who want to have treatment after every 4-6 weeks for permanent removal of unwanted hair.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Destruction of the hair follicle is permanent but, in some cases, it has been observed that hair in the targeted area has grown back. Then multiple sessions are required to reduce the growth of the regrown hair. Regrowth of hair depends on many factors. 

So, people who want to have permanent removal of hair must undergo many sessions.

What are the risks or side effects of laser hair removal?

Although it is a safe treatment however some laser hair removal side effects came into notice like skin burning, redness, discoloring of the skin, scarring and appearance of blisters. On the appearance of these side effects, our specialists will prescribe creams or lotions to remove or lessen these effects.  

Precautions before, during and after treatment

It is better to avoid sun exposure after the treatment and it is highly recommended to use sunscreen regularly. It is also recommended to shave off hair between sessions instead of waxing or threading. Avoid waxing or threading or any use of hair removal cream 3 weeks before laser treatment, just shave off the hair a day or night before the treatment.

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