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Sun exposure and aging are the main causes of skin imperfections such as wrinkles, sunspots, fine lines, uneven skin tone, etc. Laser skin treatments at Healthworths helps to restore your mature skin. Our wide range of reliable devices for skin remodeling makes you feel fresh and young. Skin remodeling is a non-surgical treatment which reduces the signs of aging and balances your skin tone. 

You will find our services cost-effective and reliable. Laser skin remodeling treatment give effective results for all skin type.  

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How It Happens

When laser heat energy enters into the depths of the dermis it activates the production of collagen which in turn trigger the skin’s capacity to heal up naturally and helps to tighten up the skin tissues. 

This treatment does not require any anesthetic, it is a painless procedure. It only takes 20 min to complete the session. Improvement can be seen in skin texture just after the first session. 

Precautionary Measures To  Be Taken After Treatment 

A person must keep his/her skin clean. If any ointment is given by the specialist, it must be applied to the skin for better results. 

Exposure to the sun must be avoided. Hard exercises are not recommended for 2 weeks during the treatment. If swelling occurs at the area, use ice packs to remove the swelling. 

Any deep chemical resurfacing must be avoided for at least one month. Recovery time is usually seven days after treatment.

Numbers of Treatments Are Required?

A number of treatments depend upon the person’s skin type and how well it is responding to the treatment. Optimum results can be observed just after one treatment however in severe cases 3-6 sessions are required. 

The Risk or Side Effects

Some rare and uncommon side effects are burning, scarring, itching, and redness of the skin which will disappear after a few hours. You can apply to make the next day after the treatment.

Cost of Skin Remodeling 

Cost of skin remodeling depends on the number of treatments. Dermatologists will thoroughly analyze the skin and give his recommendation according to your skin type and severity of the damage. 

 You can consult our dermatologist and discuss your skin condition; we are available 24/7 call us any time and book your appointment. 

Some Benefits of Skin Remodeling

  1. Eliminate wrinkles and fine lines
  2. Restore skin texture and tone
  3. Increase collagen production
  4. Diminish scarring
  5. Tighten the skin
  6. Reduces pore size

Not Suitable People For Skin Remodling

  • People with sensitive skin are not suitable for this treatment, as chances of skin-damaging increases with sensitive skin.
  • People who usually are prone to skin disorders may discuss their situation with the dermatologist. 
  • Smokers are not suitable for this treatment if they want to have laser treatment, they have to quit smoking at least 2 weeks before treatment and can continue smoking after 2 weeks of treatment. 
  • People with any skin allergy or drug allergy,  a weak immune system should consult a dermatologist before taking treatment. 
  • If a person is taking any medicines, it should be discussed with the dermatologist. 
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