Acne often appears in the form pimples on your face. It can also appear on chest, neck, back, and shoulders. Bumps and blemishes are hard to hide on the face. They can be painful and influence your mood. Sometimes they leave a scar on your face.  Therefore, we offer the best treatments to control your acne. The renowned skin specialists at Healthworths provide best acne scar treatment and solutions to deal with acne.

You can also choose from a number of available treatments to treat scars that may grow as a result of severe acne. Examples of these dermatological processes include chemical peels, injectiskions of dermal fillers, and laser resurfacing.

skin treatments for acne


Our skin specialists using advanced acne laser, skin treatments for acne which has a combination of laser technology, simultaneous contact cooling, and a unique vacuum mechanism to treat all types of acne vulgaris without any side effects effectively. Laser treatment for acne reduces the appearance of scars, warts, skin wrinkles, etc.

Laser treatment for scars

Laser therapy plays a vital role to get rid of acne scars. Our laser scar removal services are matchless in Sydney. Laser wand is moved over an area to remove damaged skin cells and reduces scars. This procedure involves heat and light, so it is not recommended for those who are sensitive to heat and light.

Types of Laser treatment For Acne Scar

Laser treatment is very effective in treating scars. Our Laser removal scar services in Sydney provide 5 types of laser treatments, which are very helpful in converting odd skin to even one.

  • Fraxel laser: This type can effectively remove acne scar and give impressive results. Acne scars are removed by vaporization or by melting. Ablative lasers take a long time to recover.
  • Carbon dioxide laser: It is the technique which is much better than the Fraxel laser.  Carbon Dioxide is used in this technique.
  • Fractional laser treatment: In this treatment, a specific portion of damaged skin is treated. The surrounding area remains unaffected.

Best Products for Acne

There are many products to treat acne. The best product to treat acne is benzoyl product wash, it destroys pimple producing bacteria. Many Face washes contain salicylic acid to unclog skin pores. Some foaming facial cleanser contains hydrating ceramides and hyaluronic acid for all skin types.


Laser treatment ends up with little or no recovery time. You can easily continue your daily routine work to the very next day of acne scar treatment. There are no major side effects of laser treatment. Sometimes patient undergoes little inflammation and redness on their skin.

Cost of laser treatment

Acne treatment cost varies in Australia depending on the size of the scar and the number of sessions and type of therapy.

If your acne scars are annoying you and are making you feel older than you really are don not hesitate to contact us, our specialists will discuss the treatment that is best for your skin type and how can we provide our help.

  • Pixilation: A very advanced technique for skin resurfacing. Specific points are marked on the acne area. This technique is getting popularity due to its adjustable intensity and penetration depth.
  • Active FX and deep FZ: In active FX laser targets the top layer of skin and in deep FX laser targets the deeper layer of skin.
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